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We are an AI Consulting and Development Company

Crowdbitz provides consulting and development for AI and cloud based solutions. Our team can assist your company in navigating the new and ever growing world of Artificial Intelligence. From custom Chat Bots to full AI and cloud strategies, we can work with you to move your organization forward.

We can right size your AI solution to your needs, from a simple FAQ trained Chat Bot, to fully realized bots with natural language, computer vision, internet search and machine learning. For many companies embracing AI can be their first move into the cloud. Our consultants can work with you to ensure this move is successful.


What We Offer ?

Crowdbitz can build custom AI solutions, develop cloud and AI strategies, and help you migrate resources and data to new system.

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Free Estimate

We are happy to provide a free estimate for any project. Give us a call or engage with the Chatbot to get a quote.


Crowdbitz uses an Agile development methodology. We will consult and iterate the project with you and your stakeholders, and provide results on an ongoing basis.

Flate Rate Fees

We have no hidden charges. The final bill will be the price agreed, and our consultants work for a flat rate that will be known in advance.

Eyes On

We will make sure your project matches your needs. Reporting and feedback are essential for a successful solution. You will be able to have eyes on your project throughout development.

Our Team

Meet some of our team members at Crowdbitz.

Judson B. Tunnell


Michael Denny

System Administrator

Andrew Jung

UX Specialist

Bradley Hetherington

Cloud and VM Expert

Our Partners

Meet some of our partners at Crowdbitz


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